Guam Obstetrician Strongly Supports Abortion After 20 Weeks

Dr. Annie Bordallo MD, a prominent obstetrician on Guam, testified against Bill 232-34, the Unborn Child Protection Act of 2018, last night.  After ludicrously stating that unborn babies do not experience pain "most likely until the 29th week", she defends the abortion procedure by describing how "painless" it is to the baby:

"The procedure itself involves, the procedure that Dr. Freeman does, involves an injection of medication into the amniotic fluid that stops the baby's heart.  The patient is then given medication that puts her into labor and she delivers a stillborn fetus.  The painful passage is the mother's to bear, not the fetus's.  Women understand this, and bear this burden..." 
See and listen to her yourself here.  Or here:

Prominent Guam Obstetrician Strongly Supports Abortion after 20 Weeks from here on Vimeo.

Beside the fact that solid evidence exists that unborn babies respond to pain as early as 18 weeks, it's a bit creepy to hear an obstetrician talking in such a matter of fact way about killing a baby by stopping its heart. And contrary to Bordallo's statement, a real burden is born by the babies, as they are normally the only ones that die during this procedure.


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