Catholic Pro-life 2018 Survey for General Election Candidates

The Catholic Pro-Life Committee on Guam recently conducted a survey of candidates seeking elected office in the 2018 General Election on Guam. Each candidate was asked to to answer the following question with a "Yes" or a "No":

“Would you support a legislative bill that would restrict abortion on Guam by making it illegal to perform abortions on unborn babies, once the unborn baby has reached the gestational age of 20 weeks or older?”

Here are the candidates' answers:

Governor/Lieutenant Governor

Democratic Party
Republican Party
  1. Leon Guerrero, Lou No
  2. Tenorio, Josh No
  1. Tenorio, Ray Yes
  2. Ada, Anthony Yes
  1. Aguon, Frank Yes
  2. Limitiaco, Alicia Yes***


Democratic Party
Republican Party
  1. Alerta, Jermaine No Response
  2. Babauta, Celestin Yes
  3. Barnes, Tina Muna No Response
  4. Casil, Lasia No Response
  5. Hattig, Jack No Response
  6. Lee, Regine No Response
  7. Marsh, Kelly No Response
  8. Nelson, Talena Yes
  9. Palacios, Adolpho Yes
  10. Perez, Sabina No Response**
  11. Ridgell, Clinton No Response
  12. Joe S. San Agustin Yes
  13. Shelton, Amanda No Response**
  14. Terlaje, Jose Yes
  15. Terlaje, Therese No Response
  1. Ada, Joe Ken No Response
  2. Aguon, Jenei Yes
  3. Blas, Amanda Yes
  4. Blas, Roland Yes
  5. Castro, Will No Response
  6. Cruz, Harold No Response
  7. Guerrero, Stephen Yes
  8. Moylan, James Yes
  9. Muna, Louisa Yes
  10. San Agustin, Jose A Yes
  11. Santos, Julius Yes
  12. Servino, Ben Yes
  13. Taitano, Michelle Yes
  14. Taitague, Telo Yes
  15. Torres, Mary No Response

Attorney General

Camacho, Leeven No Response   
Moylan, Douglas No Response

Congressional Delegate

Democratic Party
Republican Party
San Nicholas, Mike No Response      
Brooks, Doris Flores Yes

**The sponsors of the survey have informed us that legislative candidates Amanda Shelton and Sabina Perez declined to respond to the survey. The sponsors' original reported results indicated that these candidates had answered "No", which was incorrect.  The sponsors apologize for this.
*** Responded on October 23, 2018


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