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Catholic Pro-life 2018 Survey for General Election Candidates

A pro-life organization on Guam, "Catholic Pro-Life", recently conducted a survey of candidates seeking elected office in the 2018 General Election on Guam. The group asked each candidate to answer the following question with a "Yes" or a "No":

“Would you support a legislative bill that would restrict abortion on Guam by making it illegal to perform abortions on unborn babies, once the unborn baby has reached the gestational age of 20 weeks or older?”
Here are the candidates' answers:

Governor/Lieutenant Governor
Democratic Party Republican Party Write-In Leon Guerrero, Lou No Tenorio, Josh No Tenorio, Ray Yes Ada, Anthony Yes Aguon, Frank Yes
Limitiaco, Alicia Yes

Democratic Party Republican PartyAlerta, Jermaine No Response Babauta, Celestin Yes Barnes, Tina Muna No Response Casil, Lasia No Response Hattig, Jack No Response Lee, Regine No Response Marsh, Kelly No Response Nelson, Talena…

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