Science Is Giving the Pro-Life Movement a Boost

Here's a generally positive article about how scientific research is helping the pro-life cause.  From the Atlantic magazine, if you can believe it!

By Emma Green
The Atlantic
January 18, 2018

Advocates are tracking new developments in neonatal research and technology—and transforming one of America's most contentious debates.

The first time Ashley McGuire had a baby, she and her husband had to wait 20 weeks to learn its sex. By her third, they found out at 10 weeks with a blood test. Technology has defined her pregnancies, she told me, from the apps that track weekly development to the ultrasounds that show the growing child. “My generation has grown up under an entirely different world of science and technology than the Roe generation,” she said. “We’re in a culture that is science-obsessed.”  Read more...


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