Guam is now abortion-free as no doctor is willing to commit abortions


The last abortionist on the island of Guam has retired, leaving the island completely abortion free. There had only been two abortionists committing abortions on the island for decades; in 2016, the first abortionist, Dr. Edmund Griley, retired. Dr. John Chiu took over the facility, the Guam Poly Clinic, but does not commit abortions. That left just one remaining abortionist: Dr. William Freeman.

Before retiring, Freeman committed abortions at the Women’s Clinic, and a doctor who worked under him, Dr. Jeffrey Gabel, has now taken over the facility. Unlike Freeman, Gabel refuses to commit abortions. The facility has also been renamed, and is now called “Dr. Gabel’s Clinic Obstetrics & Gynecology Para Famalao’an.” Gabel said that word got around quickly that Freeman had retired and Gabel had taken over, halting all abortions. “I’ve always been against it,” he said.  Read the rest at


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