A Minute for Life


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Welcome to a minute for life!

Have you ever been discussing abortion with a friend and they said, “I believe that a woman has the right to control her own body!”?

How do you respond?

The goal when discussing abortion with others is NOT necessarily to win the argument, it’s to provoke a change of heart. Steer the focus of the conversation to the humanity of the unborn child. Posing a good, thought-provoking question could do this. So if somebody says, “I believe that a woman has the right to control her own body!”, try asking them, “Can a woman ethically drink to excess when she’s pregnant?

Most people would want to answer “No.” to this question, because they know that alcohol harms the unborn child. So if they answer in anyway to the negative, you can say, “Well then, we AGREE that there ARE ethical limits on a woman’s control of her body when it comes to things that will harm the child.” Alcohol harms a baby, while abortion kills it, so if they try to evade the question, ask them if or why the question makes them uncomfortable.

Who knows, they might end up pondering that question long after your conversation ends.


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