Leon Guerrero Administration STILL Looking for an Abortionist

Guam Daily Post
August 18, 2019

Jayne Flores

Bureau of Women’s Affairs Director Jayne Flores said her office has made inquiries with various associations to find an abortion doctor to serve the island.

She said the bureau has reached out to the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League and Creating a Clinician Corp (C3).

Guam has not had a doctor who offers the service since May 2018.

“The response that I am getting is, 'How much do you have to offer,' and we have no money to offer. Clearly, we can’t do that,” Flores said Friday. “What we have to rely on is word of mouth. We are hoping physicians talk to each other and they network among themselves to find someone who will provide the service.”

Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero has publicly supported the recruitment of an abortion doctor. Read the rest in the Guam Daily Post...


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