Guam now has nonprofit adoption service

From the Pacific Daily News:

Guam now has a nonprofit adoption service, which anti-abortion advocates and government officials say provides an alternative to abortion. Ohala' Adoptions, Guam's first and only nonprofit adoption service, has recently opened its doors.  Read more in the Pacific Daily News...

From the Guam Daily Post:

Executive Director Traci Anderson, of Ohala’ Adoptions, said the agency is working to “bring some options to young moms or (for) unplanned pregnancies – things that happen that are not always in our own control.”...“We are so glad to be welcomed as part of a community of caring that we found here on Guam. We know that family is very important on this island and we feel like we can play a meaningful part in that big picture, to be able to facilitate these children finding safe and permanent homes," said Laurie Boss, also of Ohala’ Adoptions. Read more in the Guam Daily Post...


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