A Good Pro-Life Alternative on the Ballot


If you're Pro-Life and intend to vote on November 3rd, you need to know that there's more than one Pro-Life presidential team on the ballot this year.  The American Solidarity Party is a solidly Pro-Life party that's very serious about protecting the lives of the unborn and supporting mothers and families. 

You'll see Brian Carroll, an evangelical Christian from California and Amar Patel, a Catholic from Illinois, on our ballot in Guam in November:

 The party, incorporated in 2016, is  modeled on Christian Democratic parties throughout the world.  You can read the party's full platform here.  Here's an excerpt:

Our party is founded on an unwavering commitment to defend life and to promote policies that safeguard the intrinsic dignity of the human person from conception until natural death. To this end, we advocate legal protections for vulnerable persons, as well as laws that facilitate authentic human freedom and ensure that all people have access to everything they need to thrive. Our whole-life approach guides the entire platform below, including subsequent segments on the right to a social safety net, criminal justice, and foreign policy.
  • Federal and state governments must enact constitutional and legal measures establishing the right to life from conception until natural death. These measures specifically include a constitutional amendment clarifying that there is no right to abortion, as well as laws that prohibit or restrict abortion. Because human life begins at conception, the intentional destruction of human embryos in any context must end.
  • Federal, state, and local governments must end taxpayer funding of organizations that provide, promote, or facilitate abortions, and of health-care plans that include abortion coverage. Such funding should be redirected to organizations that promote healthy pregnancies and prenatal care.
Are you wasting your vote by voting for the American Solidarity Party?  Absolutely not!  As you know, Guam does not have any votes in the U.S. Electoral College, so voting for President on Guam is symbolic, no matter who you vote for.  All political movements start small, like a mustard seed.  And growing a third party on Guam could make it necessary for the more dominant parties to consider and adopt the policies advocated by a party such as the American Solidarity Party.  



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